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a)      Curva tassi sempre più giù (LINK)

b)      Insider trading? Si, ma in vendita in questa fase! (LINK)

c)      Parlando di bolle(LINK)

d)     APPROFONDIMENTO sull’oro (LINK)

e)      Obama: può rimbalzare dal limbo… (LINK)

f)       La FED però ora deve rispondere in modo diverso (LINK)

g)      Forte correlazione tra Franco Svizzero e ORO: ecco i veri beni rifugio (LINK)

h)      Un mercato interessante: obbligazionario paesi emergenti in valuta locale (LINK)

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Scritto il 30 settembre 2010 at 09:50

Statistica sulle ultime aste (sette anni):

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Scritto il 30 settembre 2010 at 09:51

JP impegato concedeva i mutui senza nemmeno leggerli…:

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Scritto il 30 settembre 2010 at 09:52

Il collasso economico accellerera’ in autunno:

Our current economy is a shell game. A grand fraud designed to siphon more and more tangible wealth (not fiat wealth) from the average person and transport it post-haste into the silk lined pockets of a corporate banking minority. The goal? To reduce the self sufficiency of American citizens to the point of total fiscal and social dependence on the top 1% richest men in the world. Conspiracy theory? Not in the slightest. Just a cold hard fact of history. “Feudalism” is, sadly, rampant in the annals of human culture. Anyone who believes that our modern era is somehow different is simply fooling themselves. Elitists seek power over others, they always have and they always will, and, the most efficient way to gain control over the lives of the masses is through engineered imbalances in economy.

Every time you hear the term “bailout”, or “quantitative easing”, just think “wealth transference”. Every dollar that is printed from thin air by the private Federal Reserve and handed to a globalist entity like Goldman Sachs or AIG through our Treasury represents yet another dollar of debt (and another percentage of interest) that you, the U.S. taxpayer, and your children, are expected to eventually pay for without ever seeing any benefits. Right now, at this very moment, you and your descendents for generations to come are being enslaved by forcefully imposed usury. Our country has been “volunteered” for a financial debasement on a scale that dwarfs the Great Depression or even the Weimar catastrophe. We ignore this reality at our peril

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Scritto il 30 settembre 2010 at 09:54

Elementi rari la prossima corsa al rialzo?:

China and Japan are having a small but potentially painful dispute over the ownership of a small chain of islands in the East China Sea.

These islands have very little significance other than the oil deposits that may lie around them. Whoever owns these islands would have claims to the mineral deposits on the ocean floors surrounding the islands.

Tensions heated up when a Japanese coast guard boat collided with a Chinese fishing vessel on September 7. Japanese authorities detained the Chinese captain and tough talk flowed from both sides.

The culmination was the temporary halt of exportation of rare earth metals from China to Japan.

Rare earth? No, I’m not talking about the 1970′s rock group nor am I talking about uranium or plutonium. I’m talking about a group of minerals that contain elements quite rare when discovered in Sweden in 1787.

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Scritto il 30 settembre 2010 at 09:55

Articolo sulla deflazione:

When a bubble bursts, gauging what will happen can be difficult. Sometimes inflation floods the market. Other times economies spiral into a deflationary phase. Here’s Your Ultimate Cheat Sheet™ to Deflation:

What is Deflation?
Deflation is a decline in prices caused by a decreasing supply of money. As less money circulates in the economy, sellers are forced to lower prices so buyers have enough money to continue making economic transactions.

How is Deflation Measured?
The Department of Labor measures the value of our money by analyzing monthly price changes in 400 items people typically buy. This data is then averaged into the Consumer-Price Index so we can see whether prices are inflating or deflating over time.

We can see deflation when basic items such as bread and milk cost less. The same is true for energy (e.g., gas, electricity), housing, and clothes.

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Scritto il 30 settembre 2010 at 09:56

L’eridita di questa recessione:

09/29/10 Baltimore, Maryland – Epithet for a doomed economy…

What will they say? How will they describe the ’00s and ’10s?

Irish Prime Minister Brian Cowen was accused of being drunk when he gave a “croaky” radio interview two weeks ago.

He denied it.

But we’d be tempted to turn to the bottle too if we were in the fix Ireland is in. Ireland’s banks got into trouble. So the government threw them a lifeline…forgetting that the line was tied to its own neck. It guaranteed bank liabilities equal to four times Irish GDP. But isn’t that going to be the story of the whole period? Private sector banks and speculators got in trouble. Then, the public sector went down with them.

Irish bond yields hit a new record high yesterday – over 6.7%. Investors are afraid Ireland will default. If it does, its bonds will fall even more.

This is either a great opportunity or a trap. Investors could realize a huge windfall. If Ireland is bailed out…yields could fall in half. Then bond prices would double.

On the other hand, the Emerald Isle could actually default. Bonds could take a big hit.

Which will it be? We don’t know.

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Scritto il 30 settembre 2010 at 09:57

Continua il calo del guadagno medio Americano:

Median household income is falling in the vast majority of U.S. states and in virtually every single major U.S. city. According to the Census Bureau’s annual survey of income and poverty in the United States, of the 52 largest metro areas in the nation, only the city of San Antonio did not see a decline in median household income in 2009. Needless to say, that is not good news. If incomes are falling from coast to coast, then how in the world can anyone claim that we are experiencing a “recovery”? The truth is that we are not in the middle of an economic recovery. What we are in the middle of is a long-term economic decline. Incomes are going down and middle class American families find themselves squeezed like never before. Meanwhile, unemployment has skyrocketed in recent years and it has become much harder to get a good job. Less Americans than ever are able to achieve anything even close to resembling the American Dream. Things are getting really tough out there, and as more jobs and factories leave the United States, as the U.S. government goes into even more debt and as the economy continues to implode things are going to get even worse.

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Scritto il 30 settembre 2010 at 09:58

Interessante website sull’argento e sull’oro:

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Scritto il 30 settembre 2010 at 09:59

Perche la statistica sulla guarigione da questa crisi e’ cosi’ brutta:

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Scritto il 30 settembre 2010 at 10:01

La verita’ su molti dei vostri investimenti…:

If I showed you a portfolio that included only two or three different shares, almost everyone would agree that it’s not an optimal portfolio and exposes the investor is exposed to too much risk if something goes wrong at one of those companies. I could simply mention names like Enron, Lehman Brothers or Bear Sterns and you would know exactly what I mean. Simple enough right?

In my opinion, investing only in US markets is as big of a mistake as putting everything into one or two stocks. There are a lot of questions regarding the US economy and where it is headed. Health care, energy dependence, conflicts in Iraq and Afghanistan and out of control spending are all worries and while we can argue about their importance and impact, I think we’d all agree that no one truly knows what will happen in the next decade. It is almost certain that the United States will be the top economy 10 or 20 years from now and the domination of US capital markets is even more important. We wrote about the emergence of gold and clearly one of the main reasons why it has became so attractive is because of the questions surrounding the future of the US economy and the US dollar, which will have an important impact on the price of all US based and dollar based assets.

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Scritto il 30 settembre 2010 at 10:02

Ho provato a linkare direttamente gli articoli scelti, impiego quasi il triplo del tempo….

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    Scritto il 30 settembre 2010 at 10:26

    Fai come riesci mario…
    All’antispam ci penso io… ;-)

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Scritto il 30 settembre 2010 at 10:42


Druckenmiller, uno dei piu’ grandi gestori di hedge fund di Wall Street, getta la spugna

L’ex manager dei fondi di George Soros ne ha abbastanza di questi mercati manipolati, cosi’ ha deciso di chiudere il suo Duquesne Capital Management, con $12 miliardi in asset. Si ritira a vita privata

Stanley Druckenmiller, uno dei piu’ grandi gestori di hedge fund, getta la spugna: l’ex manager dei fondi di George Soros ne ha abbastanza di questi mercati manipolati e ha ha deciso di chiudere il suo fondo Duquesne Capital Management, con $12 miliardi in asset, per ritirarsi a vita privata. La voce, che circola negli ambienti finanziari di New York, e’ stata confermata a Wall Street Italia da un manager di fondi hedge concorrente.

Druckenmiller, diventato miliardario dopo aver lasciato Soros Fund Management oltre 10 anni fa, con i suoi fondi hedge non ha mai avuto un solo anno di performance negativa. Solo che mentre i ritorni sono stati di circa +30% all’anno in media dal 1986 in poi, per i fondi da lui gestiti, negli ultimi 3 anni la musica e’ stata diversa. Ultimamente la classica strategia “macro” che aveva fatto la fortuna di Drucknmiller e’ stata messa a dura prova.

Duquesne ha registrato un normale +11% nel 2008 (l’anno della quasi apocalisse finanziaria, in cui gli hedge funds globali in media hanno perso -19%); e’ salito +10% nel 2009, e per i primi 8 mesi del 2010, a fine agosto, ha fatto segnare una perdita di -5%. Di qui la decisione di scrivere ai propri investitori dichiarando che il fondo Duquesne Capital Management verra’ chiuso e che di conseguenza il denaro sotto gestione verra’ ridistribuito ai sottoscrittori.

Il gestore divenne famoso a Wall Street e in tutte le piazze finanziare mondiali quando, tramite i fondi hedge di Soros, nel 1992 prese una posizione short mai vista prima sul mercati valutari contro la sterlina inglese, obbligando il pound a un’improvvisa pesante svalutazione pochi giorni dopo. Quel trade frutto’ 1 miliardo di dollari e rimase negli annali della storia finanziaria.

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Scritto il 30 settembre 2010 at 10:44

mariothegreat@finanza: JP impegato concedeva i mutui senza nemmeno leggerli…:  

è scandaloso… ci sono da rivedere qualcosa come 250000 vendite di case pignorate!!!
è davvero semplicemente pazzesco, si parla di decine di miliardi di dollari letteralmente rubati!

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Scritto il 30 settembre 2010 at 10:55


E aspetta che escano le verita’ sul settore commerciale….

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Scritto il 30 settembre 2010 at 11:08

Grecia, arriva la legge antisciopero


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Scritto il 30 settembre 2010 at 11:10

Anche questa fa incazzare:

Cioè, dico, fino all’altro giorno a dire che per evitare una nuova grande recessione e necessario evitare di bloccare il commercio con politiche protezionistiche e poi…..

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Scritto il 30 settembre 2010 at 11:59


Ma ti sei accorto che sembrano galline a cui hanno mozzato il capo, girano impazzite per l’aia cambiando direzione repentinamente…
Sto’ passando notiziuole di contorno se leggi i posts degli ultimi giorni ti accorgerai di come stia aumentando il rischio di sommosse in molti paesi…
Se arriva un’altra mazzata finanziaria cadranno molte teste e non solo in senso metaforico…

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Scritto il 30 settembre 2010 at 12:34


ps: oggi lo zucchero perde il 7% e probabilmente finisce qui la sua grande corsa. Colgo l’occasione per dare a Dream quello che è di Dream e sottolineare che ne consiglio l’acquisto quando quotava tra 13 e 14 (oggi, con il meno sette è a 24)

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    Scritto il 30 settembre 2010 at 12:42

    @ daino:

    grazie daino della citazione… per fortuna qualcuno se n’è ricordato…

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Scritto il 30 settembre 2010 at 12:35

Qualche altro links:
L’america diventa piu’ povera:

How in the world can anyone claim that things are getting better? Sometimes the numbers are so clear that they simply cannot be denied. According to the U.S. Census Bureau, median household income in the United States fell from $51,726 in 2008 to $50,221 in 2009. That was the second yearly decline in median household income in a row. In other words, America is getting poorer. Just let that statistic above sink in for a little bit. In 2009, American families had roughly $1,500 less coming in than the year before. Not that the cost of living has gone down either. Have you been to the supermarket lately? Things are getting ridiculous out there. In fact, middle class American families are being squeezed as never before. More mothers and fathers are scrambling to find second and third jobs just to pay the mortgage and to keep the lights on and to put food on the table. This is not a time of prosperity in America. We are in a state of serious decline and it is time to wake up and admit it

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Scritto il 30 settembre 2010 at 12:36

OT ma interessante sul clima:

A new paper at SPPI looks at the history of extreme weather events.

The on-going claims of catastrophic anthropogenic global warming have been ramped up again lately because of the opportunities presented by the heat wave in Russia and the floods in Pakistan, which are also being claimed as attributable to anthropogenic CO2. If the amount spent on global warming were to be diverted to mitigating and preventing the worst effects of natural disasters, then the desperate plight of the people of Pakistan would be relieved more quickly.

The paper can be downloaded here:

The Author, Dennis Ambler, concludes:

Extreme Weather – The Blame Game

The Aztecs had sophisticated irrigation systems and “astrolonomical” observatories, (apparently a mix of astrology and astronomy), to attempt to predict the weather and reservoirs. But the unseasonal frosts and cold, followed by severe, prolonged drought, may have taken them to the brink of collapse. Once the climate became more benign again, they praised their gods with human sacrifice.

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Scritto il 30 settembre 2010 at 12:37

Come dicevo prima, guai in vista?:

Europe Fury: People rise up against EU cash machine with anti-austerity marches Airlines canceled flights, picketers blocked trucks from

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Scritto il 30 settembre 2010 at 12:37

Adesso e’ un buon momento per far partire una guerra commerciale?:

We’ve got them just where we want them! Attack the Chinese! Attack them!

China, the biggest foreign investor in U.S. government bonds, cut its holdings by about 10 percent to $846.7 billion in the 12 months ended July, according to the Treasury Department.

Uh oh. That doesn’t sound good. Well, no worries, we can deal with this, right?

The U.S. will record a $1.3 trillion budget deficit for the fiscal year ending Sept. 30, the Congressional Budget Office said Aug. 19.
The estimated budget deficit for this fiscal year would be equivalent to 9.1 percent of gross domestic product, the CBO said. That would make it the second-largest shortfall in 65 years, exceeded only by the 9.9 percent in 2009

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